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Why should you hire a wedding planner? An added value that should not be underestimated

Why should you choose to hire a wedding planner for your wedding?

This is a question we have often asked ourselves. In order to understand our customers, we put ourselves in their shoes, listen to their concerns and find solutions for them to enjoy one of the best days of their life.


Unfortunately, many still believe that the professional figure of the wedding planner comes with an unnecessary, if not excessive, expense. After all, all it takes is a bit of organizational spirit. Excluding those couples who could not plan their wedding on their own due to lack of time, for those of you who think that some practical skills are enough, we want to remind you that details exist.


Under the surface of a successful wedding, there’s a multitude of details that the bride and groom can’t even imagine. From the right questions to ask to your the location, to the smallest elements of the table setting, up to the intricate puzzle that is the meticulous planning of timing, postponements, set-ups, …


5 good reasons to hire a wedding planner⠀

– They will be consultants and friends for the entire period of the planning of your wedding and beyond, advising you and helping you to find compromises if your ideas are different from your partner’s


– they’re interested in making your dreams come true without breaking your budget . The cost of their professionalism will not be unnecessary, because they will make you save on other expenses, as they know the market prices and sometimes they’re even able to obtain discounts for you


– you can count on a network of suppliers that are already tested in the field, which will be recommended to you according to your needs and budget


– they will handle any unforeseen problem and will offer you support for any unexpected event, including a possible date postponement. The pandemic has expanded their role: wedding planners also guarantee that your wedding takes place in complete safety according to current regulations


– they will help you define the style of your wedding, your color palette, any set-up, so that the aesthetic of your wedding is consistent, unique and represents your personality


Among the reasons why a wedding planner can only be an added value to your wedding, one’s fundamental: they are able to bring what you have only imagined to life. We listen to your wishes and turn them into real elements that will make your event unforgettable.


That’s why from the concept of a romantic and elegant wedding, we can create a pink table setting, with light clouds of gypsophila decorating the table and precious details made of golden glass.


That’s why we define ourselves as “creative planners of tailor-made dreams ”.


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