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Venetian palaces: the perfect location for your wedding in Venice

Venice is a unique city in the world, not only because it’s built on water, but above all because its buildings are a cradle of history, art and culture and choosing one of them as a venue for your wedding will make it magical and unrepeatable. You may want to create a romantic, old-fashioned or modern atmosphere: their versatility makes them perfect whichever the style of your event is.


5 Venetian Palaces that you could choose as your wedding venue

Whether you want an intimate or a grand style wedding, the city can offer you a venue you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Here below you will find five Venetian palaces we recommend for their uniqueness and because they offer multiple solutions: a spectacular view on the Grand Canal, frescoed halls, stuccoes, secret gardens, terraces, roof terraces…


Palazzo Nani Bernardo: it was built in the Sixteenth century, between the Renaissance and the Baroque era. The building is characterized by a typically Renaissance facade and is divided into a ground floor, two main floors and an attic. The entrance from the Grand Canal allows access to a large staircase which then lead you to two noble floors. The large and well-kept back garden is noteworthy.


Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo: its legendary spiral staircase or “bovolo” with its unique architecture strikes the imagination of Venetians and tourists and makes the building unique in its kind. On top of it, there is a magnificent terrace overlooking the entire lagoon.


Ca’ Zenobio: this Baroque palace, with its remarkable facade, is located on the canal that joins the Carmini Church to the Angelo Raffaele Church. Inside you can admire a splendid Hall of Mirrors, rich in frescoes, to which Giambattista Tiepolo contributed, and a small private chapel. On the back there is a large garden, perfect for an aperitif or the cut of the cake.


Palazzo Albrizzi: it is characterized by the typical structure of the Fondaco House and its favorable position, between Ca’ d’Oro and the Scuola della Misericordia, makes it easily accessible both on foot and by boat, through its water landing. Frescoes and stuccoes from the Tiepolo School decorate the central hall on the main floor, while outside there is a magnificent garden.


Palazzo Pisani Moretta: the late Gothic style of its architecture – in particular of the openwork windows of the “ballroom”, illuminated by eleven splendid Murano chandeliers – creates suggestive atmospheres. Its view on the Grand Canal makes it unique.


These are just some of the many Venetian palaces the city offers. Of course, we will  find the most suitable solution for your needs. Choosing Hecate Events means, indeed, fulfilling your deepest dreams, which will be designed down to the smallest detail, as we love doing, so that each event belongs only to those who commissioned it.


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