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When Should You Start Planning a Wedding? It’s never too…soon!

Planning a wedding is a fundamental and exciting stage in life, but it doesn’t come without stress and worries. We as wedding planners deal with these on a daily basis and we help couples enjoy not only their special day, but also every phase that precedes it. However, even before hiring a professional figure like ours, what often stirs future spouses up is the timing. Immediately after the proposal, anxiety peeps: “when should we start planning our wedding?”, “how long will it take?”, “what if our dream location is already booked?” are just some of the questions we are asked every day and with this post we’ll try to answer all your doubts.


How soon should you start planning your wedding??

We usually start planning a wedding 18/12 months before the chosen date. It may seem like an infinite or excessive time, but it’s the right moment to contact us as this will allow us to plan with the care and precision you deserve all the steps that will lead us to your wedding day and that will make you experience it just like you dreamed it would be, without compromise. We will use all those months to diligently choose the most suitable suppliers for you, visit different locations, study the best solutions to your needs and build a real project that represents yourselves and your love story.


5 reasons why it’s never too soon to plan a wedding

One of the mantras we always remind our engaged couples of is that it’s never too early to start planning. This philosophy of ours has proven to be even more true, in an era in which the wedding field had to deal with the difficulties caused by the pandemic. Here, then, are five reasons why you should start planning your wedding as soon as possible:


– if you want to get married on the weekend, or you have already selected a date that has a profound meaning for you and you absolutely don’t want to change it, we suggest you to choose your location immediately after the proposal, together with your wedding planner or on your own. The continuous postponements imposed by the anti Covid-19 restrictions have significantly reduced the availability of restaurants, villas or other structures and you may be forced to opt for a week day.


– the same goes for suppliers: if you have fallen in love with a photographer or a flower designer, don’t wait any longer! They may be already booked on your date!


– if you can’t think straight or can’t imagine your wedding, the more time you have, the more likely it is that you will make hasty choices.


– you’ll have the chance to focus on your wishes, carefully reviewing all the proposals you’ll receive from suppliers. As wedding planners, we believe it’s essential to listen to you and understand what you need and this takes time. It will be a shared journey during which we will define the image of your wedding together, leaving nothing to chance and providing you with all the tools you need in order not to show up to your special day unprepared.


– life is full of unexpected events! You may have to stop the planning for weeks for business or personal reasons, because of an unexpected trip or a new arrival in the family. You can’t have everything under control and starting well in advance will allow you to face any possibility in a serene way.


Don’t waste time, then, but if you feel you are behind schedule, don’t despair. Planning a wedding in a short time is not impossible, especially if you can count on the help and skills of a professional wedding planner!


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