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How to find the perfect color palette for your wedding

What is a color palette and why is it important to define it?

When it comes to colors in the definition of a wedding creative project, couples often get scared. They imagine a monochromatic event characterized by a single bright hue that becomes redundant and annoying for their guests. In other words, they often mistake the color palette for the wedding theme.

Not all weddings, indeed, must necessarily have a theme, but all should be designed starting from a set of harmonious nuances. The choice of colors is fundamental because they help create coherence between various elements of your special day, from floral arrangements, to the stationery, from outfits, to favors. The goal is to define a style and an atmosphere that represents you. We also know that colors convey emotions, so your palette can generate certain sensations and evoke memories in your guests.

Il cerchio di Itten o disco cromatico

How to choose the right color palette for you?

– Be inspired by the season. To create this palette, we looked at nature in the Fall and identified 5 colors to be reproduced on a photobooth installation.

Palette colori ispirata alla stagione dell'autunno

– Choose a monochromatic or analogous palette. To convey a certain atmosphere during your event, you could recreate a monochromatic elegance with different shades and depths of the same color, or start from a base color, to which you will then add similar shades that you can find on the same side of the chromatic wheel, in order to obtain consistency. To give you an example: on this color palette olive green had to be the protagonist because it recalled the landscape of the wedding location, but we enriched it with darker and lighter shades of green and with a few touches of dove-gray brown, which does not differ a lot from the main tones, but creates harmony.

Palette colori monocromatica sui toni del verde

– Choose an image that caught your attention or that you carry in your heart. You can use Pinterest for your research, or opt for a family photo, a travel postcard or a picture taken to remember a touching moment. Your wedding planner will help you identify the shades of the image and create your palette, which thus will have a deeper meaning for you.

Palette colori ispirata a un'immagine

– Choose complementary colors. To be defined as such, they must be placed on two opposite poles of the Itten circle. The goal is to create contrast and obtain a scenographic effect. We also recommend to add lighter or darker shades that you can find next to the two complementary colors, to identify details, in order to make the palette more consistent. Here’s an example: starting from red, we got to green through shades that perfectly matched each other.

Palette colori complementare

Wedding planners help you define your color palette, based on the mood and style of your wedding, representing you and your passions. If you are looking for support in creating your palette, Tea Time with Hecate is the perfect online consultancy service for you.

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