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Fall Wedding? 5 reasons to get married in October or November

Every fall wedding is unforgettable because it’s celebrated during a magical, ancestral season. Its colors and atmospheres recreate that bond with Earth we have had since birth. Those who get married during fall show great character, a slightly gypsy and nomadic soul like a dried leaf carried by the wind. In this season, the light, so unique that it can only be grasped at this time of the year, alternates with the mist, with its mysterious charm.


5 reasons for having a Fall wedding

If you haven’t defined the date of your wedding yet, here are 5 good reasons to choose fall:


– Your color palette may be out of the ordinary, with vibrant and original shades, recalling those of nature, from red to orange, from terracotta to purple and brown.


– The setups may include not only flowers – dahlia, amaryllis, carnation, amaranth and zinnia are the varieties that best suit the season -, but also leaves, berries, branches or fruit such as apples, pomegranates, persimmons, grapes, chestnuts and small pumpkins. If you love being on-trend, even dried flowers could be the right solution for you to create a distinctive scenic design.


– Renting your dream location and hiring your favorite suppliers would be easier as they’re less requested as compared to warmer months.


– Your menu will be full of seasonal fruit, vegetables and precious ingredients, such as mushrooms, squash and truffles, a mix of strong flavors that your guests will never forget.


– You can be creative in choosing your garments and accessories, opting for unconventional styles and colors.


Sometimes future brides and grooms would like to deviate from the traditions, but they are unable to imagine their wedding and end up making more obvious choices, which do not really reflect their desires. For this reason, relying on a professional wedding planner is always the right solution: it will help you make your fall wedding exactly as you dreamed of.


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