Hecate Events: the founders Elisabetta and Ginevra

About Us

Hecate Events is an event planning and wedding planning boutique agency in Venice, specialized in planning exclusive and bespoke weddings and events, not only throughout the Veneto region, but also all around Italy. We are Elisabetta and Ginevra, mother and daughter, two different personalities in synergy. There is an unbreakable blood bond between us and we share the same creative and professional goals, as well as a natural tendency to understand the special individuality of each client.

Elisabetta: founder of Hecate Events

A little bit about me…


Maker of flawless table settings with an unbridled passion for shoes and Christmas atmospheres. I am Hecate Events' resourceful dreamer: no idea is impossible to achieve with the right amount of imagination and courage. I love painting and I am an expert in diy, bon ton and floral arrangements. Always enthusiastic, tireless and optimistic, I believe that details do make the difference.

Ginevra: founder of Hecate Events

A little bit about me…


Constellations in my eyes, the ocean in my heart and a bunch of paint brushes in my hands. If I am not deeply engrossed in reading, you will find me with my nose upwards gazing at the stars or dreamily examining the works of art in a museum. I am an incurable romantic, I love to surround myself with beauty and spread happiness, but I do it with method and precision for Hecate Events. Dynamic and versatile, I am a serial organizer who thinks outside the box and thrives on creativity.

Why "Hecate"?

We believe in the value of culture and in the contamination and intertwining of arts. That’s why we decided to call ourselves Hecate Events like Hecate, a Greek goddess with very ancient origins. Her name has a triple meaning.


First of all it recalls the epithet Hekatos that can be translated with the expression “striking, acting from afar”, just as we will do during your event, presenting ourselves as silent figures, mindful of every detail, without ever obscuring the true protagonists of the day.


A second meaning refers to the Greek terms for desire, will and magic, concepts that encompass our mission: to make an event magical and unforgettable, fulfilling your wishes, above your expectations.


Finally, Hecate has the same root as the Greek word for one hundred, to indicate her being multifaceted, just as the numerous solutions and skills we can put at your service.

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