Bomboniere con palo santo per un matrimonio eccentrico 21 January 2021 | Weddings

Wedding favors: a timeless classic or an outdated tradition?

The secret to perfect wedding favors is customization

Most of out couples often ask themselves if wedding favors are really necessary. We must admit it: we count ourselves among those who still love them, as long as they are well-designed.


It’s a tradition that originated in Italy in the fifteenth century, when future spouses and their families exchanged small packages containing sugared almonds during the engagement celebrations. This habit then became a fashion among French noblewomen who used to bring precious boxes filled with “bon bons“, namely honey glazed almonds, to court.


As the saying goes, though, rules are meant to be broken. Wedding favors, as we know them, may now be an outdated tradition. Nowadays, customized products, gastronomic or eco-friendly items are preferred. Furthermore, the bride and groom don’t hand them over to their guests anymore, they use them as seat markers. This also speeds the process up without interrupting the party. You could choose a bottle of a tailor-made cocktail, a fragrance that represents you, a typical little plant from the place where you are getting married, a jar of jam prepared according to your grandmother’s recipe, a book that narrates your adventures, or make a donation to a charity.


Therefore, avoid expensive ceramic or silver objects that guests sometimes don’t even appreciate and consider instead the possibility of offering them an entertaining experience that tells your story and creates happy memories.


In conclusion, we say yes to favors that can be used daily and give life to a special moment to share with your guests on your wedding day, instead of being left on a dusty shelve. Just like this palo Santo we designed for an unusual couple to light up to evoke a bright future for the newlyweds.


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