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The value of time: how much does a wedding planner cost?

How to weigh the work and value the time of a wedding planner

“Your price is too high, we prefer to use this portion of our budget for something else”.


Anyone who works as a wedding planner and has never heard potential customers say these words is to be considered lucky. The confusion around this figure and how much it costs is still very vast and, once couples become aware of the price for this service, they often believe it is quite expensive. Unfortunately, this is due to our society, which is still linked to logics and dynamics that are no longer valid today. Suffice it to know that the success of a new profession is followed by prejudice, especially if it belongs to a digital or creative field.


Wedding planning is not a job for everyone: it requires excellent organizational skills, excellent problem solving and contingency management skills, a good dose of imagination and, at the same time, practical sense. Above all, it needs empathy: we are mentors and confidants – this is what we love the most -, we listen to you and accompany you on a journey towards one of the most important days of your life. In other words, we take on the difficult task of spreading happiness and serenity.


Yes, but how much does a wedding planner cost?

Each wedding requires a different number of hours to be designed and years of studying and on-the-job training are hidden behind a perfectly planned event. When you receive a quote from professionals in the wedding industry, you need to ask yourself what value their time has. The time needed to actually design your wedding, but also the time they invested in attending refresher courses, enhancing some aspects of their job, improving their skills to offer the best version of themselves to their customers. It is therefore not possible to answer the question “how much does a wedding planner cost?” in general terms, but we hope that every time you’ll receive an estimate of the price for this service you will treasure our words.


This pandemic has highlighted the advantages of relying on this figure even more. There are couples who do not need a wedding planner, but we believe that choosing whether to hire one or not based solely on your budget is a misstep. Getting married requires a considerable expense, but the sum invested in a professional who is at your complete disposal, always ready to listen to you, to fulfill your wishes, to solve the unexpected, will allow you to get to marriage carefree and will guarantee you a solution to any problem, even those that never came to your mind. You will also have the opportunity to rely on a network of suppliers that are already tested in the field and chosen in order to respond correctly to your needs.


Trust us, it’s worth it.


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