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The style, mood and theme for your wedding: how to distinguish them

What’s the difference between the terms style, mood and theme when you’re styling your wedding?

Finding your way through infinite inspirations and creating a coordinated image for your wedding is not an easy process.
When we create a moodboard for our couples, we want to convey a precise atmosphere. We combine photographs, graphics, colors and materials that can help our clients imagine all the details that will make their wedding unique.


Sometimes, however, future spouses are hesitant and it’s at that point that we come into play. If they don’t know what their starting point is, we help them find their way through inspirations and develop a personalized aesthetic that tells their story. This doesn’t necessarily mean choosing a theme, it’s about defining the style and mood of their wedding. What’s the difference between these terms?


The style is your event’s leitmotif, its quintessence. It will allow us to settle with a design, a coherent image that connects each detail. Your wedding could, therefore, be bohemian, minimal, baroque, or a mix of different styles.


Romantic, elegant, formal. The mood is the atmosphere you want to convey, the feelings you would like to evoke in your guests and the ones you’ll remember with your partner.


Last but not least, the theme is a topic, a recurring concept that characterizes multiple elements. A basic but clear example: if you both love travelling, this could be the theme of your wedding: you could use globes, passports, cities of the world or places you visited as decorations or to create your wedding stationery.


The moodboard here above was made for a wedding we planned in August characterized by a natural style and a romantic mood. The goal was to recreate an enchanted garden in the heart of Venice, full of delicate butterflies and suspended in time. It is an example of what we offer to our couples when they choose us: the beginning of a long creative and pragmatic journey that will guide them towards their special day.


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