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How to choose the perfect groom suit: our style tips

Both the newlyweds should be protagonists on their wedding day. There is a tendency, however, to focus on the bride and what she’ll wear, assuming that the groom’s suit is a basic elegant or tailored one that can be reused on a daily basis. It doesn’t take much, however, to make it unique and customize it with accessories or tailor-made details.


We believe men deserve the same spotlight during their wedding, so this post will help you choose the right suit that not only represents you, but is also suitable for your type of ceremony and reception, for the style and mood of your wedding.



How to choose among different dress codes?

– the morning suit, characterized by a black or gray tail jacket, striped trousers and a five-button or shawl waistcoat, is perfect for daily ceremonies.

– the half morning suit is similar to the tight, but its jacket is tailless and shorter. This model is also suitable for weddings that take place during the day.

– the tuxedo, on the other hand, must be worn in the evening or at night, even if it’s not traditionally accepted for weddings according to etiquette. However, it’s a choice that’s increasingly common today, due to its classic elegance.

– the three-piece suit, consisting of trousers, a jacket and a vest, in the same fabric or with different patterns, is the most popular option for grooms, because it is easily customizable.



The choice of fabric is fundamental because it makes the suit precious and unique and is linked to seasons. In Autumn and Winter wool, wool and mohair or wool and silk shall be preferred, while fresh wool, wool and silk blend, linen blend and silk shantung are more suitable to Spring and Summer. The groom’s suit can be characterized by solid colors, tone on tone or contrasting micro-patterns. Its style shall recall the place of the ceremony and the mood chosen for the event. For more informal weddings, in which the rules of etiquette are not strictly followed, the groom could also wear a mismatched suit or a basic waistcoat, made with softer fabrics and unusual colors.


As wedding planners we also offer a styling service to help couples search for their suits and gowns. The main advice we give to future newlyweds is to be themselves, staying true to their personality, even if they don’t please others or if they break the bon ton rules imposed by tradition.

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