Our mission is to plan special events that will create happy memories for you and your guests. You will be our priority starting from our first meeting, whether you decide to manage some aspects of the organizational process on your own, or you choose to rely solely on our skills and creativity. This is why we offer you three distinct experiences that are suitable for different needs.

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On Tiptoe

We move on tiptoe, ensuring a perfect on-the-day wedding or event coordination, managing the timing and solving any unexpected problems.

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Cucito Addosso - Hecate Events


We offer you a full customized and tailor-made wedding or event planning service, supporting you from start to finish until your big day.

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Fatto a Mano - Hecate Events


We create tailor-made set-ups, wedding favors and decorative items. Each hand-crafted detail will ensure that your event represents you and your peculiarities.

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This is the right choice for you if you have already built your vendor dream team and have taken care of all the organizational aspects preceding your wedding or event. We will start working a few weeks before the event, leading the team of suppliers you have hired and making sure everyone meets the deadline. On your special day we will welcome your guests and be your go-to persons, so that you can lightheartedly celebrate, without worrying about anything.



This service is perfect for those who dream of a unique wedding or event but haven’t collected their thoughts yet or don’t have clear ideas, those who have a busy life or a very demanding job and can’t deal with estimates and deadlines. We believe in empathy: we will fulfill your wishes and the final result will be elegant and unique, because it will tell your story. We will scout for the highest quality vendors, recommend you exceptional locations in the Veneto region, in Italy and abroad and we will define a coherent style and mood that best suit your needs and fit your budget and timing. From floral arrangements, to the creation of your seating plan, from your ceremony, to your wedding stationery or event signage, from the selection of your catering company, garments and background music, to the transport and accommodation services, up to the management of the most bureaucratic aspects, we will guide you through the multiple stages that will turn your dreams into reality, keeping you stress-free. Thus you’ll be able to focus on your emotions and your achievements, creating memories that will last forever.



This service can be purchased separately or in addition to another one for an even higher level of customization. Based on the theme or mood of your event, we will offer you creative ideas to amaze your guests: structural and floral arrangements, exclusive photo booths, gifts, gadgets and favors, but also tailor-made accessories and hand-sewn elements to make your wedding dress, suit and tuxedo unique. There will be no wedding or event like yours.

Are you dreaming of a unique, creative and tailored wedding or event?

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